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Expert Mechanical and Breakdown Services

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If you require a Maintenance or Repair Services, We can offer  support for your Reichenbacher, Hokag, Wadkins CNC Machines & other makes. 

We consider ourselves as a 

Reichenbacher CNC repair specialists as well as other manufacturers such as Homag,AXYZ etc, with a combined experience of over 12+ years experience on these type of CNC Machines

At GC Electrics we offer a breakdown service, and a timed maintenance service, so as to try and aviod breakdowns to a minimum. We can offer a support packages to suit your business requirements. Regardless of where you are in the UK, our team of dedicated and experienced  CNC engineers are available to maintain and repair your machine's and help keep your machine's in good working order to help reduce downtime.

So whether you’ve encountered a machine breakdown, or are looking for tailored support for your CNC machine, our experienced engineers can help. Contact us today – We would be more than happy to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quotation.

Siemens      Riechenbacher      bosch      Becker      AXYZ      Homag      Wadkin         

“GC Electrics provided the best mechanical contracting services for our project. Their attention to detail and expertise exceeded our expectations.”

 - John Smith  - 


“We have been using GC Electrics for our CNC machining needs for years. They always deliver high-quality products on time.”

 - Sarah Lee - 

“The PAT testing services provided by GC Electrics were thorough and efficient. I highly recommend their services.”

 - David Chen - 

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