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Faint Glow
We supply Various Lubricants
We supply and manufacture various suction disks
We manufacture various suction rings
we manufacture and supply various suction pads

For your CNC  Replacement Spares ect.

Your Reliable Independant   repair specialist and Supplier of Quality New and used SIEMENS,Riechenbacher,Homag and Biesse Parts, and Repair and Maintenance Services, and More

Every CNC machine, no matter the make or model will eventually need certain parts replacing. As one of the go-to repair service providers in the UK, we have access to a global supply of spares, including top-of-the-line CNC components from SIEMENS, SKF, Homag, Brandt and many more. All spare parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Ensure the seamless operation of your CNC machine. As a CNC parts supplier, and repair solutions provider, we understand the critical role that reliable spare parts play in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your CNC equipment.

We provide electronic spares such as drive cards, Power Supply Modules, Servo and Spindle drives, Servo and Spindle motors from Siemens,SKF and lots of other suppliers

We provide mechanical spares such as Tool Changers & Fingers, Tool Pockets, Ball Screws, Couplings, Linear Rails, Linear Bearings and Spindle Bearings, Chuck Cylinders, drawbar assemblies for a veriety of machines.

We provide spares for pneumatic valves and a variety of fittings from reputed manufacturers.


We also supply all kinds of lubricants including NBU15,GB00 Grease (Omega 77) Morlina S2 plus other oils and grease's


We can supply various size and shapes of suction pads and disks made in aliminium and nylon (Which helps save wear and tear on your tooling)

Your Trusted CNC Maintenance and Repair Specialist.

At GC Electrics, we go beyond supplying parts – we also manufacture parts to help boost the longevity and efficiency of your CNC machines with our comprehensive repair services. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident being a family run company in every spare part we provide and machine we repair. Contact us today to discuss your CNC machine spare part needs and experience the family and reliability that comes with choosing GC Electrics.

Trust us to keep your CNC Machines running as smoothlyas possible.

We supply siemens parts and spindles


Suction Disks

Suction Rings

Suction Pads

Gear Pump Reservoirs

Brass Filters

We maufacture various sution disks in nylon and aliminium
We maufacture various sution disks in nylon and aliminium
We maufacture various sution disks in nylon and aliminium

Suction Disks

Suction Disks

Suction Disks

G89 Watkins pad
Homag track pad
G97 track wheel
g89 wadkins pad

Track Pads

Suction Disk and Pads

G86 Track Pad

Brass Filter

G71 Wheel

G89 Wadkins

Brass Filters
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